For the best high school sports coverage, check out Shasta County Sports

For the best high school sports coverage, check out Shasta County Sports

We love good sports coverage. But unfortunately, local high school sports rarely graces the top stories set for SportsCenter on ESPN. TV news and newspaper coverage is sparse and only available at certain times which fails our on-demand digital lifestyle today.

This is particularly challenging in and around Redding, California as the largest city in Shasta County. The small towns that surround Redding vary from roughly 2,000 to 20,000 people each, and most are situated in the foothills to the north and east.

The team of professionals who launched Shasta County Sports in 2018 are on a mission to do it right, and do it better. It’s more than just high school football scores. They also cover boys and girls basketball, and other sports when available.

We’re talking in-depth coverage, interviews, articles, photos, videos, and all of it is easily accessible on the SCS website and social media channels.


The Internet of things allows us real-time data from around the globe. But let’s face facts, it is the organization of that information that works for us. Facebook organizes millions of photos and videos, Google organizes trillions of website links, and Let’s Go Ball organizes basketball courts (shameless plug).

With this in mind, Shasta County Sports has staged a comfortable landing area for high school and junior college sports fans to find scores and highlights in one place.

Local high school football scores are uniquely wrapped with tons of original content as well. Regular readers of the SCS blog have access to post-game write-ups, player and coach interviews, team rankings, and historical perspective on Northern California sports overall.

Of course, Shasta County Sports spreads their content around for you to consume however you like. If you have not subscribed for blog updates, you can just as easily catch articles, photos, and videos on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


How Shasta County Sports came to be is similar to that of a classic Silicon Valley innovator or entrepreneur story. Maybe not in the sense of venture capitalists and billion dollar valuations, but certainly in the spirit of doing something great.

To accomplish great things, the founders of SCS had to think and act as much like a thriving startup company as a news organization. There are a few simple rules to follow, and here they are in no particular order;

  1. Surround yourself with people who are excellent at what they do.

  2. Develop a company mission and follow it daily.

  3. Understand your customer and provide them with valuable content.

  4. Set the standards by which competitors will strive to imitate your success.

The four founding members of the organization also use one other little trick of the trade. They do it for the love of the game.

At the time of the writing of this article, each of the members has a full time job aside from their rigorous schedule with Shasta County Sports. So it wasn’t money, glory, or fame that persuaded them to bypass Friday nights at home with the family or at a fancy dinner.

No, the reason they instead opted to roam the sidelines in harsh winter elements to cover a Friday night high school football game or a Saturday night junior college football game was simply because they love sports.

Their passion for football and basketball coverage in particular, quickly developed into Shasta County locals flocking to the SCS website to read the latest articles and watch the new videos.

It has been quite a ride in 2018 indeed. From scratch early in the year, the Shasta County Sports crew built out their website and started developing original content. Within months, thousands of viewers began to click onto the site links and social media articles. By the end of 2018, SCS articles were receiving nearly 100,000 clicks per month!


According to the SCS website, “The Shasta County Sports team assembled from a couple of former media members, four die-hard sports fans and people passionate about highlighting community athletic achievements.

That is perhaps understating the talent pool of the four founding members involved. They include long-time and celebrated local journalists, photographers, and videographers. In case you were wondering, all three are pretty important for a successful media organization.

For more information on local high school and junior college sports, visit the Shasta County Sports website. To inquire about becoming an advertiser or contributor, you can contact them directly.