10 outdoor basketball courts near me in San Francisco, CA

Thoughtfully woven into the landscape in and around the skyscrapers that populate the Bay Area peninsula, you can find a great selection of outdoor basketball courts in San Francisco, CA. From city parks to recreation centers to schools, Let’s Go Ball is working hard to map out places for you to shoot hoops.

Fittingly, San Francisco will be the new home of the Golden State Warriors in 2020 as they make their move out of Oakland to the brand new Chase Center arena perched on the San Francisco Bay shore.

Now it’s time to throw on your Steph Curry jersey and hit the court to work out. Then again — you are not required to be a Dubs fan to play basketball in the Bay Area, so feel free to be yourself and get in the game. All of these outdoor hoop hotspots will keep you busy balling for hours.

Is your favorite basketball court on my list? Let me know in the comments below.

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7 basketball courts near me in Sacramento, CA

If you’re looking for a place to hoop it up in Sacramento, CA — you’re in the right place. The home of the Sacramento Kings is flush with tons of basketball courts, and Let’s Go Ball has them all.

I am a fan of city park basketball courts. Easy access, free, and the squeak of Jordans on the concrete is like music to my ears. Parks mean pickup games, 1v1, full court 5’s, and everything in between.

Plus Mom and Dad can spend some quality time with the kiddos, flip open the picnic basket, and soak up the greenery scenery. It’s family adventure and fun at the park — swing sets and green grass, friends and family, dog walkers and hoopers.

How does my list stack up with your favorite outdoor basketball courts in Sacramento?

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3 reasons junior high basketball coaches are ruining the game

Being a basketball coach at any level can be highly rewarding. It is not easy, however. If it were, then many of the back seat driving parents and fans in the stands would be standing in line for an opportunity to coach a local basketball team and bask in the glory. But, as we know, that is simply not the case.

At the youth, junior high, and high school age levels, being a basketball coach means tons of volunteer hours and in most cases, no pay. We are Phil Jackson or Pat Summitt in mind and spirit, but absent are the championship rings, statues, and gymnasiums named in our honor.

Considering the nature of coaching basketball at the junior high level, it would come off as mean to discredit the noble men and women willing to step in and guide these young basketball players right? Well, as one of my former basketball coaches liked to say, “Tough s**t.” I have something to say.

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15 new basketball courts near you and a trip down memory lane [VIDEO]

So many basketball courts, so many memories. Today, I jumped at the opportunity to survey 15 more basketball courts in towns throughout Northern California. I love watching the number of school, city park, church, and fitness center basketball courts peaking higher and higher on the Let’s Go Ball website.

It was a brisk, but beautiful winter day. The schools are scantily populated during the holiday break, yet the one sound you might hear is the rhythmic bouncing of a basketball emanating from the gym. Basketball practice is alive and well on days like today.

The journey to explore basketball courts near me started in Palo Cedro, CA at the west edge of Redding, and veered southward through Cottonwood before winding down with the sunset in Happy Valley, CA to the southwest. Along the way, I landed in a few spots that sparked up my memory and reminded me why basketball is so near and dear to my heart.

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Top 5 outdoor basketball courts in Redding, CA

It’s game time! You hit the buddies up on SnapChat, they want to ball. Grab your Nike kicks, a grippy basketball, some Gatorade, and bounce.

But where are you going to play basketball? If only there was a way to find a basketball court near you! There is. You found it. It’s called Let’s Go Ball.

For all the NorCal ballers, there are quite a few options when it comes to good outdoor basketball courts. But I found the best basketball courts.

And now, I present to you the Top 5 basketball courts in Redding, California. I will break it all down, support the list with some research, and toss in a few honorable mentions to consider as well.

Do you agree with my list?

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For the best high school sports coverage, check out Shasta County Sports

We love good sports coverage. But unfortunately, local high school sports rarely graces the top stories set for SportsCenter on ESPN. TV news and newspaper coverage is sparse and only available at certain times which fails our on-demand digital lifestyle today.

This is particularly challenging in and around Redding, California as the largest city in Shasta County. The small towns that surround Redding vary from roughly 2,000 to 20,000 people each, and most are situated in the foothills to the north and east.

The team of professionals who launched Shasta County Sports in 2018 are on a mission to do it right, and do it better. It’s more than just high school football scores. They also cover boys and girls basketball, and other sports when available.

We’re talking in-depth coverage, interviews, articles, photos, videos, and all of it is easily accessible on the SCS website and social media channels.

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What is the Priceline dot com of basketball courts? [VIDEO]

“Let’s do something bold, and build something great.” Those were my thoughts transformed verbally back in the summer of 2018. At that time, I proclaimed Let’s Go Ball would become the Priceline.com of basketball courts.

So what does it mean to be the Priceline dot com of basketball courts? They were an eCommerce pioneer in the hotel booking, airline ticket, and travel industry in the late 1990’s.

What they and other digital developers did though was open our eyes to what is around us. Sure, it made booking a hotel much easier and often times cheaper. But, by showcasing all the amenities the various hotels have to offer, we are virtually experiencing a night’s stay before we pack a suitcase.

So, why not basketball courts? Unlike other major sports such as baseball, football, and soccer, basketball is a sport that can be played at almost any time, by anyone, and anywhere there’s a ball and a hoop. Great! But where is the nearest basketball hoop and how do I find it?

Let’s Go Ball

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A Few Things You Should Know About School Basketball Courts [VIDEO]

When I was a teenager roaming around Cottonwood, CA in the late 80’s and early 90’s trying to find something constructive to do with my time, I would invariably end up at one of the local school basketball courts.

To be fair, this predates the Internet and intense video gaming (although I invested hundreds of hours playing Double Dribble on my Nintendo console). Back then when my friends and I were bored, we went outside to shoot hoops, ride bikes, or play two-hand-touch football.

And as much as we loathed our time in the classroom at school, the primo spots in town to find a pick up basketball game was at the local elementary or junior high school outdoor basketball courts.

But times have changed. And there are a few things you need to know about school basketball courts before you load up your gear and head out.

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Guess How Many Basketball Courts We Found In Redding, CA [VIDEO]

The number blew us away! It was more than twice as many basketball courts than we predicted, which is incredibly awesome by the way.

I took a few minutes to shoot a video from one of my favorite outdoor basketball courts, Western Oaks Park in East Redding.

The Let’s Go Ball website is live and we are onboarding new basketball courts throughout the city daily. I figured it was time to talk about our mission. What exactly is Let’s Go Ball? Who’s behind it? And what’s on tap for the future?

Take a minute to watch this video on our YouTube channel.

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What Happens When I Ask Siri To Find A Basketball Gym Near Me?

My friends and I want to play basketball. So, I do what anyone over the past decade would do. I say “Hey Siri” and after the respondent tone, I confidently ask her to find a basketball gym near me.

She thinks for a moment, and boom! Like magic, up pops a list of around twenty options. At this point, it’s time to lace up my Nike basketball shoes, select the perfect court-worn Spalding TF-1000 basketball, and start stretching the ole calf muscles out.

Not so fast. A closer inspection of the search results is now producing some red flags. Right away, I recognize about five of the search engine listings as CrossFit gyms. Unless we’re going to throw kettle bells over a pull up bar to score points, this won’t work. Looking deeper, I see another six to eight business listings for fitness centers. Again, great for basketball training but not what I need right now.

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What is dunk hoops and how do you play?

If I am to be completely honest, I need to let you in on a little secret. The most fun I have ever experienced on a basketball court came while playing what is affectionately known as dunk hoops. You might be asking what exactly is dunk hoops, and how do you play? Let’s get into it.

Dunk hoops is a competitive basketball game where the height of the basketball goal (AKA hoop or rim) is set at a height generally matched with the jumping abilities of the players. As you know, standard regulation height of a basketball hoop is ten feet.

But for younger or older players outside prime leaping ability, or for those who are vertically challenged, the only way to experience high-flying slam dunks in a game is to match the hoop height with their hops. And let me tell you, it cracks open a wildly fun experience and introduces a totally new element to the game for many basketball players.

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